You Let Someone Hold you Back For 38 Years Over Something They Said?

This is an excellent short video really pushing the very simple message that we stagnate with our lives for years and years just because someone said something many years ago.


When we forgive others and more importantly ourselves, whatever was said in the past becomes irrelevant: Quantum Q-liminals Forgiveness – Love Who You’ve Become



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  1. Debbie Nicholson May 11, 2014 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    How powerful is this video???? I did it myself – I got myself stuck for more than 38 years for a an abused life when I was a child and as a consequence I just kept bringing more of the same onto myself because I got STUCK for all those years in a pattern of thinking that was instilled within me by someone who never knew any better themselves and of course they were stuck themselves and so thought everyone around them should be stuck on the same level as they were.

    While watching this video I am so reminded of how I have dragged myself through this life and look at all those years wasted self sabotaging myself thinking I wasn’t worth anything. When all the time I just needed help to get myself out of being stuck and I found that help by getting my copy of Letting Go and listening to it for 24 hours before I could suddenly see the huge difference in my health issues and thats just for starters.

    Letting go is what is needed when you are realising you are stuck – Letting Go is going to help you Let Go so you can go forward. Dont wait for 60 years to Let Go. Watch this video and LET GO NOW.

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