What is the Ego?

Most people believe that the ego is them, it is their personality and without it we could not function in this world.

So, what is the ego? Are they correct in having these views?

The ego is a survival mechanism, it is designed to keep us from danger and so survive in a dangerous world full of animals that would kill us. It is a throwback to a primitive man, and has not adapted to modern man. We no longer have sabre toothed tigers chasing us for dinner.

Ego arose as a survival mechanism in the animal world. It then became elaborated by the intellect. The intellect now becomes the instrument of the animal instinct. It’s still up to the same thing. It’s just now more sophisticated. [It’s still the ego fighting for its alpha status], but now it’s one’s position or one’s title or one’s income…

If you see that the ego arose, is not different than, the animal, and its motivations are not different than the animal, then you can stop feeling guilt about it and stop making it wrong…

Sin is just the persistence of the animal to give in to biologic drive at the price of a more evolved kind of human love, and it gets labeled sin…

If you realize it’s just the persistence of the animal, you can get off moralizing about it. And if you get off moralizing about it, you can get off spiritual guilt…

The animal isn’t evil. It’s just animal.

Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph. D

Modern man is left with a survival mechanism that is for the most part irrelevant to us. Unfortunately, the ego sees danger everywhere, even when there is none and so quite easily, lies, cheats and steals to get what it wants. And the media with the horror movies and bad news each night only seems to make the ego more needed than ever before.

But is this the case that we need the ego?


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