The Real You

Alan Watts talks about who you think you are and what the real you means.  Very wise words from this very knowing man and well worth listening to.

The real you is you without the ego being in control.  Using the science epigenetics we produced a Quantum Q-liminal audio package that clears the control of the ego from you so that the real you is in control of your life, and you become very peaceful and happy as a result: Quantum Q-liminals Letting Go – Peace at Last



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  1. Debbie Nicholson May 10, 2014 at 6:34 pm - Reply

    Thank you Mark. There are several images in this video that I just love in this video. I have been so ruffled about a good cover these past 7 days and waiting for permission to use a really nice image I found only the people who feel they own the image do not realise the urgency in my request.

    I wonder why people try to keep images to themselves with that copyright law when the natural reaction is to share the beauty of what they have captured with everyone in the world. Really that beauty of that moment does not belong to them but to all of us.

    What a wonderful video this was to watch this morning which has made my heart soar from its message both audibly as well as with the imagery and has most certainly renewed my hope to share what I have with anyone who wishes to read what i have been given to share.

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