Subliminal Advertising: Selling Sex to Our Children

I was a bit shocked watching this, especially towards the end with the cartoon and the saw.

Subliminal messages are in many of the adverts we see on billboards and on the TV.  Placing adverts in products for us is immoral enough but when it comes to our children then I feel that’s a line they should never have crossed.

What is wrong with these people, they seem to have lost their moral compass?



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  1. Debbie Nicholson June 10, 2014 at 11:38 pm - Reply

    Who would have thought that there is such abomination in everything that we have pushed in front of us to watch nowadays. And by people who supposedly have a great “family” name attached to them. We are definitely in the last days – and Satan is rife in the world, however, he won’t be able to reign much longer and then how many of us will be around to experience a world that we cant even imagine would be like for its purity? I only hope that the coming generations start to wake up as such films as this make us all more aware of that is happening our lives.

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