Science Of Persuasion

This video from TED looks at the factors involved in influencing others.  It’s pretty good and lays it out in graphical format.  A good short video for those in the marketing game and those not wishing to be unduly influenced by others.



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  1. Mark December 19, 2013 at 9:51 am - Reply

    This comment is from Debbie Nicholson, author, she has asked me to post it here as she has had some trouble posting comments:

    It was a very interesting exercise watching this video and coming to understand the Science of the Secrets of Persuasion. I have one mentor who follows these 7 laws. I am just reading through my notes and realising the student that he is of these principles and how he is doing his best to make us his students understand what he knows and how it has been difficult up until now to follow everything he wants to lead us through. Now I can see the why behind much of what he teaches. And that has given me greater understanding of what is required of me to truly be his disciple so that I can be where he today.

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