Heal The Water in Your Body

Many of you will  have heard of Dr Emoto and his work on the structure of water. For those who have not heard or want a reminder of this fantastic work:


Water has memory and Dr Emoto showed that when water is subjected to thoughts it holds those thoughts in itself.  He did this experimentally by having volunteers project thoughts into beakers of water, then he flash froze them and looked at the crystalline structure that the water had.

For the water that had thoughts of hate and dislike projected at it the structure of the water looked like sewage.  But for the water that had thoughts of love, appreciation and happiness projected at it the structure of the crystals look very much like snowflakes.  This is profound and it is a big clue to our health.

How? Well, we are somewhere between 75-90% water and if we habitually hold fear and hate and dislike in our minds then the water in our bodies is going to reflect that.

Structured water is incredibly healing as well.  Here’s how.


So what can we do?  We can easily re-structure the water in our bodies by keeping thoughts of love, appreciation and happiness within us.  This can be difficult to do for most of us with our busy schedules, so we have made it easy for you to do.

Here’ s how. It has been found that the single most structuring thing in our solar system (probably our thoughts may be stronger), is our Sun.  NASA recorded the Sun a few years ago (it has a frequency) and then slowed it down to the audible spectrum.  That frequency slowed down is 126.22Hz.  This frequency structures water into fantastic crystals and very fast as well.  Place some water in front of speakers playing this frequency and within a few seconds that water is completely re-structured.

Do the same with your body and the water in your body is completely re-structured for the rest of the day.  Literally, the water in your body becomes a healing element  for you every single day.


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