Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Epigenetics: The Science of Human Empowerment

Epigenetics is a very young science, it has only been studied seriously in the last 20 odd years.

Dr Bruce Lipton is one of the major pioneers of this science and I love the way he explains it and how it has personally transformed his life.  Here is a video of Bruce at a conference last year discussing it and the implications for our health and happiness.  We are no longer at the mercy of our genes and that can only be a good thing.



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  1. Debbie Nicholson May 9, 2014 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    What an interesting video to watch. I have heard of Dr Bruce Lipton through the Healing Codes and I was so into what the presentation is all about having studied the Thriving Audios for these past few weeks and tested many of them out for myself to see if they work. And of course, they do which is producing such an amazing change in my self within a very short period of time.
    I can see from Dr Bruce Lipton how Thriving Audios work now – and the reasons why they are so effective.
    This is a really good video to watch to bring yourself to more an understanding of your own body and how it functions.
    Thanks Mark for putting it up.

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