Body Language – Indicators of Interest

Ever wanted to know if someone is interested in you?  Ever wondered why someone comes on to you even though you thought you never gave them any signals?

Find out in this fascinating short video using real men and women in a party setup.

If you are appealing to a potential partner then that ups your chances of having a relationship.  Using the science of epigenetics we produced a Quantum Q-liminal audio package to do just that.  When you give off the right vibrations then you attract your perfect partner: Quantum Q-liminals Ultimate Relationships – Love



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  1. Debbie Nicholson May 22, 2014 at 7:03 pm - Reply

    Wow,watching this made me scared to go out in public now – wondering what I do around the opposite sex or the same sex without realising I am doing it.
    How absolutely scary!!!

    Cant flick my hair at the moment because it is so short!! That eye pop thing would not look the same coming from a person with parasites living in her eyes. As for the smile – I am known for my smile – so that is going to give me away really badly. I must notice about the crossing of my legs and I am a toucher so i would be giving off all the wrong signals because I tend to touch people. I am also a hugger. I am also from my culture a kisser of strangers – so I am on the way down here to being a not nice person??????

    Very interesting video and I am glad I watched and learned from it.

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