7 Ways To Get Exactly What You Want

This is a good short video showing you 7 ways to get what you want. I'll list the 7 ways although the video does go into more detail: Give compliments. Repeat things back - it shows you are listening. [...]

Sales: Why Most People Fail At It

And why most people feel as if they have failed at life. Being excellent at sales is no easy thing, it can take years of improving the process and improving yourself, but is there a shortcut? Today we'll find out. [...]

Toxicity Works Both Ways

...Or How To Detox Successfully! Your mind is valuable, the most valuable thing you own, with it you can make yourself rich, happy, at peace, loved and loving and kind to strangers or you can use it to make yourself [...]

Play The Blame Game At Your Own Risk

In these two short and funny videos Dr Brené Brown talks about blame and how many of us play the blame game and empathy vs sympathy. If we easily blame others instead of holding things we do accountable, then quite [...]

Stress Is Not Your Enemy

This is one of those life changing talks that only come along once in a while. Kelly McGonigal gives a TED talk about stress and it is awesome. We have a 43% greater chance of dying from stress than if [...]

How To Use Your Subconscious Mind to Get Anything

Bob Proctor talks about how once information gets into our non-conscious minds then it is accepted as fact. This is very true, the unconscious mind cannot differentiate between fact or fiction and accepts everything it is given. The trick is [...]

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Sugar is more addictive than heroin, in fact it is the most addictive substance known.  Just 1 teaspoon as a baby and you are hooked for life. The food industry has known this for years and have relied upon that [...]

Stop Smoking Easily

What if I told you it is easy to quit smoking and you can do it today? What if I told you that stopping smoking was as easy as sitting down and listening to some relaxing sounds? What if you [...]

Tap for Fifty Thousand Dollars

Who doesn't want more money, we never seem to have enough. This lady Margaret Lynch shows us how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), can be used to give us the financial freedom we deserve. It's a good video with a great [...]

Law of Attraction by Celebrities

Does the law of attraction work? Many celebrities believe it works and it works for them every single day. The secret is believing it does because you attract what you believe you are.  And the second secret is to believe [...]

Is Stress Making You Look Old And Tired?

Stress is a threat to our mind, body and health. Many say it's not the stressor (pressure) itself, but how we manage the stress. It's how we decide to deal with the stresses in our lives. Face it there will [...]


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