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REVIEW FOR INNER RESOURCES: I love this audio and find it very soothing and in this it has an accumulative effect; the longer I have it on the better and better it gets. I can leave it on in the background for hours while I'm busy and it works its magic. It is subtle and gentle, yet when I went to bed that night after turning it off, I suddenly felt like there was lots of energy shifting and rearranging itself in my body, it was relieving rather like shedding pounds of unwanted emotional waste or something and I knew I felt like I was at a tipping point of change: next time I will leave it running all night now that I know this to see what more I can achieve with it. Many thanks!


We produce the healing audios ourselves, they are extremely high quality and through years of research are designed to get your mind to heal both your body and mind

Enjoy them and let us have some feedback